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Guides and resources to help with remote learning, student assessment and engagement.

7 ways to implement online peer assessment

7 ways to implement online peer assessment
5 min

6 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy strategies to boost student engagement

6 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy strategies to boost student engagement
5 min

4 Icebreakers for Remote Learning Environments

4 icebreakers to help students ease back into academic life with online classes.
3 min

The surprising truth about plagiarism & peer assessment

Plagiarism & peer assessment, is it a big threat? Learn tips on how to reduce the impact of cheating in your class.
6 min

How to improve learning for community college students

Kritik’s platform is free for community colleges; learn how peer assessment can benefit community college students today.
7 min

The Empathetic Professor: How to Teach with Empathy

Learn tips on how to teach online with empathy
7 min

How to Re-Transition to Online Learning Following a COVID Outbreak

As schools begin to re-open, the threat of further COVID school closures remain. We breakdown the tips you need in case your in-person class is suddenly forced back online.
6 min

How to implement flipped classrooms online

How the flipped classroom approach benefits students & how to implement it for your in-person or online class.
6 min

How to implement active learning in your classroom

What is active learning & how it benefits students.
7 min

How to make grading more equitable for students

We outline the bias present in grading today & provide tips for instructors to make grading more fair and equitable for their students.
7 min

How to Prepare for the First Day of (Zoom) Class

Here are some tips to help you and your students prepare for online video classes
5 min

How to Stop Zoom Fatigue

Tips for professors & students on reducing the impact of Zoom Fatigue while studying online
7 min

How to reduce stress before the start of the school year

Tips for educators on reducing start-of-year stress & how Kritik can help
5 min

How to Enhance your LMS with Kritik

Learn how Kritik can be used alongside your LMS this semester to provide an enhanced learning experience for students.
6 min

Equity in Education: Race, Poverty & COVID

COVID impacted students' learning; see how you can foster an equitable learning environment for your students.
13 min

What are Hyflex Courses & How do they Impact Student Learning

We break down how educators can prepare for Hyflex courses this fall.
10 min

What is Team Based Learning?

See how Team-Based Learning improves learning outcomes for students all through peer feedback.
8 min

How to Limit Cheating on Online Examinations

Learn tips on how to reduce the prevalence of cheating for your online exams.
5 min

Work-life Balance When You’re Teaching from Home

How to avoid burnout & better manage your time when you're teaching from home.
5 min

The Soft Skills College Students Need to Develop

These are the soft skills college students need to develop in order to thrive in the workforce.
6 min

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning for Online Classes

Which style of learning is best for students studying online? Find our more.
5 min

Peer-to-Peer Curation Activities Boost Higher-Order Thinking

Learn how to use Curation Activities to help students develop Higher-Order Thinking skills.
9 min.

Measuring Student Engagement for Large Classes

How can you as an instructor measure the effectiveness of your teaching when you have over 300 students? Find out more.
5 min

How to Improve Student Engagement Outside of the Classroom

How to ensure students are engaged and interactive throughout the term, not just in your classroom.
5 min

Why Calibrated Peer Review Saves Professors Time

See how calibrated peer review can save professors grading time while ensuring students receive optimal feedback on assignments.
9 min

How to Maximize Your Peer Evaluations Results

Learn what you need to do to maximize the results of your peer evaluations
5 min

4 Tips on Transitioning your Course for Online Learning

Learn how to transform your in-class lecture into online experiences for students.
6 min

Help Students Learn Better: Develop Their Critical Thinking Skills

Learn how Peer Assessment helps students develop critical thinking skills with Bloom's Taxonomy.
8 min

Implementing Remote Class Discussions

Since in-person classes have come to a halt, it has become difficult to organize and run interactive activities like in-class discussions.
5 minutes

Value of Peer Feedback Beyond the Classroom

Critical and motivational feedback feedback increases productivity, overall knowledge retention and more quality in students work.
4 minutes

Using Scientific Research to Increase Academic Performance

There is no secret formula that will improve academic achievement for students. If it had been there it would definitely differ by faculty. The purpose of this article is to lay out theories which have actually worked; real studies that are directly achieving results.
8 minutes

How to convert your course content into Kritik Activities

Cumulative assignments can be transformed into smaller segments of peer evaluation that will ultimately help your students produce a higher quality final assignment.
6 minutes

4 Essential Transitional Strategies for Online Teaching During COVID-19

How educational technology will help your online teaching initiatives in the midst of COVID-19.
6 minutes

Teaching Tips In The Midst of COVID-19

Amidst the pain and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, professors are scrambling to transition their courses online. Here are some tips to ensure that students stay engaged during a time of social distancing.
5 minutes