Leadership Skills

in Humanities Courses

Use peer assessment to provide an engaging
and inclusive learning experience.

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Why do Humanities instructors use Kritik in their courses?

Exposure to Diverse Perspectives

The peer assessment process gives students an opportunity to critique each others’ work while giving them a window-seat view of their peers’ take on the subject.

Learn by Giving Constructive Feedback

Writing helpful and actionable feedback forces students to dig deeper and think through how their peers can improve the quality of their submissions.

Drives Student Engagement

Kritik enables an interactive learning experience that incentivizes students by making them accountable for their peers’ learning and keeping them engaged.

Here’s what Instructors using Kritik have to say

“My students get a broad range of feedback that enhances their learning experience.”

Laura Freberg
‍Professor, Psychology
California Polytechnic State University

“The quality of engagement has become richer with Kritik”

Jane Barnette
Associate Professor, Dance & Theatre
The University of Kansas

“My students are able to see the mistakes their classmates made and incorporate them into their learning.”

Valentina Kozlova
‍Full Teaching Professor,Economics
University of Alberta

Peer Assessment Use Cases

Students learn to accept criticism and give developmental feedback

Günther Jikeli
Associate Professor, Jewish & Germanic Studies
Indiana University

Students built an active voice in each others’ learning

Mayu Nishimura
Assistant Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour
McMaster University

Peer assessment enhances student confidence as they feel heard and valued

Karen Sunabacka
Associate Professor, Music
University of Waterloo

Quality of work submitted improved through critiquing different perspectives

Erin Panda
Assistant Professor, Child & Youth Studies
Brock University

How we make a difference

Student Reflections on Kritik

Improves Critical Thinking Skills

My critical thinking skills improved
as a result of using Kritik.

Improves Communication Skills

My communication skills improved
as a result of using Kritik.

Exposure to Diverse Perspectives

I learned by evaluating my peers’
work using Kritik.

Timely and Personalized Feedback

Kritik allowed me to quickly receive
personalized feedback on my work.

Less Time Grading, More Time Coaching

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