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See how Instructors are using AI

Alex Gainer: Incorporating Generative AI within Peer Assessment

Prof. Alex Gainer from the University of Alberta encourages students to use AI in their Economics assignments and complement it with peer assessment activities.

12 Ways Instructors can use OpenAI to Transform Assessments

Learn 12 unique ways to implement OpenAI's ChatGPT into your course, to increase productivity, reduce your administrative burden, and transform your assessments.

How to Ensure Students Aren't Using AI Content for Assignments

See how to detect, mitigate, and handle AI Plagiarism, with examples, tools, and actionabale steps instructors can take to ensure students are using AI Technology fairly.


Tips and tricks on navigating AI

Using AI to Create Assignments for your Courses

In this cheat sheet, we provide instructions, prompts, and a walkthrough of how to use ChatGPT to help you generate assignments, learning objectives, and rubrics using just your syllabus!

10 AI Tools that Instructors Must Use in their Classrooms

In this cheat sheet, learn about the top 10 AI tools instructors can leverage in their classrooms, plus get tips on identifying text-based AI-generated plagiarism.

5 Activity Types Designed Using Generative AI

This free resources shows 5 activity types for higher education with generative AI, plus ChatGPT prompts instructors can use for their course instructional design.


AI Knowledgebase

Guide to ChatGPT in Higher Education

This free eBook highlights the risks and opportunities that ChatGPT presents for higher education with actionable steps faculty can take to manage ChatGPT use.

Guide to AI Plagiarism in Higher Education

This free eBook highlights information about Generative AI in higher education, offering actionable guidance to help combat AI Plagiarism in the classroom.

Harnessing ChatGPT for Productivity (Part 1)

This free eBook highlights information about tools like ChatGPT in higher education, offering effective prompts to enhance productivity and optimize time efficiency in academic settings.

Harnessing ChatGPT for Productivity (Part 2)

This free eBook is tailored to assist professors and faculty in navigating the intricate landscape of AI applications such as ChatGPT, and various other Generative AI tools within academic settings.


Walkthrough on implementing AI in Education

Using AI to Design New Assessments for Your Classroom

Upskill yourselves in the world of AI, download this webinar with our in-house instructional designer to learn how to use AI to create new assessments for your class.

Harnessing ChatGPT for Productivity with Prof. Jason Dean

Join Prof. Jason Dean who's extensively explored ChatGPT, he offered insights on harnessing its capabilities to enhance productivity and optimize time-efficiency in academic settings.

ChatGPT and Ethics at Your School with Dr. Scott Dell

Join our instructor designer Evelyn Morris, and Dr. Scott Dell for this webinar if you are looking for ways to incorporate ethics surrounding generative AI into your department or course guideline

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