Leadership Skills

in Business Courses

Use peer assessment to provide an engaging
and inclusive learning experience.

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Why do Business Schools partner with Kritik?

Improves Grading Efficiency

Kritik enables instructors to use templates and evaluation rubrics for formative assignments with minimal manual work saving time and encouraging quality responses.

Builds Essential Soft Skills

Kritik enables instructors to design group and individual assignments supporting multiple pedagogical approaches building leadership and soft skills that prepare them for the workforce.

Drives Student Engagement

Kritik enables an interactive peer learning experience that incentivizes students by making them accountable for each others’ learning and engaged with their course content till the end.

Here’s what Instructors using Kritik have to say

“I was able to improve student engagement in my class with 1600+ students”

Alex Gainer
Associate Lecturer of Economics
University of Alberta

“I was able to administer timely and personalized feedback in less than 3 days!”

Thomas Holloway
Associate Professor of Finance
University of Calgary

“My students learned to embrace developmental feedback.”

Sam Staley
Director, DeVoe Moore Center
Florida State University

Peer Assessment Use Cases

Using Peer Assessments in Group assignments

Peter Johnson
Associate Professor of Marketing
Fordham University

Peer Learning that prepares students from Classroom to their Career

Brian Hoyt
Professor of Management
Ohio University

Improving the quality of Classroom Discussions

Francine Guice
Special Lecturer of Management
Oakland University

Resolving the ambiguity in writing

Mohamed Rali Badissy
Assistant Professor of Law
Pennsylvania State University

An Engaging Learning Experience from Kritik

Drives Student Engagement

Participating in Kritik activities helped me
learn the course content better.

Timely and Personalized Feedback

Kritik allowed me to quickly receive
personalized feedback on my work.

Exposure to Diverse Perspectives

I learned by evaluating my peers’
work using Kritik.

Improves Critical Thinking

My critical thinking skills improved
as a result of using Kritik.

Peer Assessment Case Study

Less Time Grading, More Time Coaching

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