Leadership Skills

in Language Courses

Use peer assessment to provide an engaging
and inclusive learning experience.

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Why do Language instructors use Kritik in their courses?

Improve Presentation Skills

Peer assessment allows students to look at their classmates' work as a learning opportunity to improve the quality of their submissions.

Give Constructive Feedback

Doing anonymous peer evaluations helps students learn the art of giving helpful and actionable feedback only based on a rubric designed by the instructor.

Exposure to New Ideas

The peer assessment process allows students to learn from their peers’ perspectives and how they approached the assignment.

Here’s what Instructors using Kritik have to say

“Kritik democratizes the classroom so that students don’t think of assessment as the instructor has all of the knowledge.”

Julie Chamberlin
Lecturer, English
Loyola University Chicago

“Kritik’s onboarding and customer support team is amazing. They helped me set up my course so quickly!

Kelly Morse
Professor, English
Old Dominion University

“Kritik allowed my students to share their work with each other without any fear of judgement”

Michael Jones
Professor, Animation, Art & Design
‍Sheridan College

Peer Assessment Use Cases

Reducing the time spent on grading as peer evaluations were more accurate

Jennifer Young
Assistant Professor, English
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Better quality of student engagement with Kritik

Lynn Ramey
Professor, French
Vanderbilt University

Students develop critical thinking skills by doing peer reviews

Kelly Morse
Professor, English
Old Dominion University

Peer feedback led to positive learning outcomes

Craig Davis
Professor, Journalism
Ohio University

An Engaging Learning Experience from Kritik

Drives Student Engagement

Participating in Kritik activities helped me
learn the course content better.

Timely and Personalized Feedback

Kritik allowed me to quickly receive
personalized feedback on my work.

Exposure to Diverse Perspectives

I learned by evaluating my peers’
work using Kritik.

Improves Critical Thinking

My critical thinking skills improved
as a result of using Kritik.

Less Time Grading, More Time Coaching

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