Cheat Sheets

Download the latest research on the effectiveness of anonymous peer assessment in developing essential skills for student success.

Peer Assessment

How to Introduce Peer Assessment to Students

In this cheat sheet, we provide our top 5 pieces of advice for instructors looking to introduce peer assessment to their students to set them up for success.
Peer Assessment

4 Peer Feedback Models

In this cheat sheet, we provide the top 4 peer feedback models instructors love using in their courses to guide their students to give helpful and constructive feedback.
Peer Assessment

How to Implement a New Technology at Your Institution

In this cheat sheet, we provide our top 13 key considerations to provide institutions with a smoother transition when implementing new technology at their school.
Peer Assessment

10 AI Tools that Instructors Must Use in their Classrooms

In this cheat sheet, learn about the top 10 AI tools instructors can leverage in their classrooms, plus get tips on identifying text-based AI-generated plagiarism.

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