Professor Resources

Guides and resources to help with remote learning, student assessment and engagement.

5 Steps to Achieving Tenure

17 minutes

Using Kritik for Small Class Sizes

4 minutes

How Metacognition Helps Students

6 minutes

Types of Student Assessments and their Purpose and Differences

Assessments are educators’ different methods and tools to measure, evaluate, and track students’ academic preparedness and skill acquisition, learning progress, and educational needs. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of assessments and their purposes.
8 min

Implementing Non-Disposable Assignments to Improve Student Learning

"What if we changed these ‘disposable assignments’ into activities which actually added value to the world? Then students and faculty might feel different about the time and effort they invested in them" (Wiley, 2013)
7 min

Gamification in Education - Why it Works

Gamification in education - Why it works
8 min

What is Classroom Community?

Creating curriculum. Creating lectures that are both engaging and informative. Grading papers and exams. Holding office hours.
6 min

What is UDL: Universal Design for Learning?

Universal design for learning is a framework. It is meant to help provide guidelines for people in charge of educating students.
5 min

6 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Strategies to Boost Student Engagement

6 Culturally Responsive Pedagogy strategies to boost student engagement
8 min

The Empathetic Professor: How to Teach With Empathy

Learn tips on how to teach online with empathy
7 min

How to Implement Flipped Classrooms Online

How the flipped classroom approach benefits students & how to implement it for your in-person or online class.
6 min

How to Reduce Stress Before the Start of the School Year

Tips for educators on reducing start-of-year stress & how Kritik can help
5 min

Work-Life Balance When You’re Teaching From Home

How to avoid burnout & better manage your time when you're teaching from home.
5 min
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