Student Engagement

Guides and resources to help with remote learning, student assessment and engagement.

How Metacognition Helps Students

6 minutes

Engaging Students with Peer Assessment

Students surveyed wanted their professor to have the final say over their grades with the ability to override any student assessment, and they were seeking a more fulfilling assessment experience prioritizing the learning and opportunity for feedback over the specific grade.
5 minutes

Gamification in Education - Why it Works

Gamification in education - Why it works
8 min

How to implement active learning in your classroom

What is active learning & how it benefits students.
7 min

What is Team Based Learning?

See how Team-Based Learning improves learning outcomes for students all through peer feedback.
8 min

Measuring Student Engagement for Large Classes

How can you as an instructor measure the effectiveness of your teaching when you have over 300 students? Find out more.
5 min

How to Improve Student Engagement Outside of the Classroom

How to ensure students are engaged and interactive throughout the term, not just in your classroom.
5 min

Help Students Learn Better: Develop Their Critical Thinking Skills, Problem Solving And Decision Making

Learn how Peer Assessment helps students develop critical thinking skills with Bloom's Taxonomy.
8 min
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