Student Engagement

Guides and resources to help with remote learning, student assessment and engagement.

Gamification in Education - Why it Works

Gamification in education - Why it works
8 min

How to implement active learning in your classroom

What is active learning & how it benefits students.
7 min

What is Team Based Learning?

See how Team-Based Learning improves learning outcomes for students all through peer feedback.
8 min

Measuring Student Engagement for Large Classes

How can you as an instructor measure the effectiveness of your teaching when you have over 300 students? Find out more.
5 min

How to Improve Student Engagement Outside of the Classroom

How to ensure students are engaged and interactive throughout the term, not just in your classroom.
5 min

Help Students Learn Better: Develop Their Critical Thinking Skills, Problem Solving And Decision Making

Learn how Peer Assessment helps students develop critical thinking skills with Bloom's Taxonomy.
8 min