Remote learning

Guides and resources to help with remote learning, student assessment and engagement.

Effective Academic Presentation Tips Your Students Need to Know

Delivering information in a manner that is clear, concise and insightful while providing an audience with great learning opportunities are important components for successful presentations. Today, presentation skills are a basic requirement of every field, and students must practise and aim for mastery in preparation for the workplace.
8 min

Using Technology to Encourage Critical Thinking Instead of Cheating

In light of the mass transition to online learning caused by the pandemic, academia has experienced major obstacles and dilemmas regarding instructional strategies and assessment procedures in remote environments.
7 min

Remote Education and the Benefits of Peer Learning to Mental Health

Remote Education and the Benefits of Peer Learning to Mental Health
7 min

4 Icebreakers for Remote Learning Environments

4 icebreakers to help students ease back into academic life with online classes.
3 min

How to Re-Transition to Online Learning Following a COVID Outbreak

As schools begin to re-open, the threat of further COVID school closures remain. We breakdown the tips you need in case your in-person class is suddenly forced back online.
6 min

How to implement flipped classrooms online

How the flipped classroom approach benefits students & how to implement it for your in-person or online class.
6 min

How to make grading more equitable for students

We outline the bias present in grading today & provide tips for instructors to make grading more fair and equitable for their students.
7 min

How to Prepare for the First Day of (Zoom) Class

Here are some tips to help you and your students prepare for online video classes
5 min

How to Stop Zoom Fatigue

Tips for professors & students on reducing the impact of Zoom Fatigue while studying online
7 min

Equity in Education: Race, Poverty & COVID

COVID impacted students' learning; see how you can foster an equitable learning environment for your students.
13 min

What are Hybrid-Flexible or Hyflex Courses and Their Impact on Student Learning

We break down how educators can prepare for Hyflex courses this fall.
10 min

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning for Online Classes

Which style of learning is best for students studying online? Find our more.
5 min

4 Tips on Transitioning your Course for Online Learning

Learn how to transform your in-class lecture into online experiences for students.
6 min

Implementing Remote Class Discussions

Since in-person classes have come to a halt, it has become difficult to organize and run interactive activities like in-class discussions.
5 minutes

4 Essential Transitional Strategies for Teaching Online During COVID-19

How educational technology will help your online teaching initiatives in the midst of COVID-19.
6 minutes

Teaching Tips In The Midst of COVID-19

Amidst the pain and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, professors are scrambling to transition their courses online. Here are some tips to ensure that students stay engaged during a time of social distancing.
5 minutes
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