COVID Changed Everything.

COVID changed our world forever; while stories of disruptions, suffering and uncertainties dominated the headlines; stories of hope, positive change & new opportunities emerged.

We want to hear your story: how has COVID changed your life for the better.
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The world needs some positivity

Tired of depressing news headlines? We are too.

COVID disrupted our way of life; while it's easy to focus on the negative outcomes COVID has brought on, we want to spotlight the positive changes that have come forward.

Perhaps its your teacher who went the extra mile to make online learning a bit easier for you, or the renewed focus on the importance of your personal relationships.

Tell us how COVID changed you: have you become a kinder, gentler, more humble individual? Submit your story & an optional photo; we'll compile them and post them on our site.

We believe your voice needs to be heard; share your story with us today.
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"Education is more than a degree or a test; it's the close bonds and life lessons you develop while studying at University - I value those moments now more than anytime before."
"I'm changing my career-path to go into healthcare. Covid changed how I see the value in my career & the skills desperately needed today."
"My Professor was adamant on answering every student's question or concern in a timely manner. I received email responses from her at 2am! Where some instructors asked for reduced communication with students, others encouraged more of it. I've grateful for that"

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