Customized Activities
Customized Activities
"I love the different types of activities we do on Kritik; the diversity of assignments allows me to apply class concepts differently, thereby expanding my understanding of the concept itself.
Meaningful Feedback
Meaningful Feedback
"Kritik's Feedback on Feedback has definitely made me a better evaluator. I love how I get exposed to new ideas or opinions from other students that I otherwise would not have thought about."
Data-Driven Insights
Lasting Impact
"This is one of the most radically impacting platforms I've been able to interact with. It is a consistent way to improve my writing skills by learning from others. I absolutely love it."

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"I really liked being able to interact with the students grading me and vice versa. It felt genuine, and I really felt a desire to help people improve and felt the same from them."
"Kritik made writing final papers less intimidating because it allowed for more checkpoints"

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