Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) with Kritik

Use 360-degree peer feedback to engage students in RSI-compliant assessments.

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What is RSI and the risks of non-compliance?

The U.S. Department of Education released the Final Rules on Distance Education and Innovation on July 1, 2021, which demand distance education include Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI).

The Department of Education has the authority to audit online courses or programs to validate whether this requirement is met. Distance education courses that do not meet RSI requirements face the following threats:

Loss of Course Accreditation

Losing Financial Aid

Legal and Financial Penalties

Risk of Large Federal Fines

Decrease in Course Quality

Damage to Institutional Reputation

RSI Requirements

How can Kritik help?

Criterion 1: Interactions should be mostly instructor-initiated

Peer assessment with Kritik faciliates meaningful interactions between students and instructors.

Coach and mentor students through peer assessment activities.

Find specific learning gaps to guide students to perform better.

Help students write constructive and helpful feedback to peers.

Criterion 2: Interactions should be regular

Kritik offers flexibility on assignment scheduling, and student feedback.

Consistent and predictable assignment schedules on Kritik.

Students receive regular peer and instructor feedback.

Students experience a connected and effective learning system.

Criterion 3: Interactions should be substantive

Through peer assessment with Kritik, students experience a 360-Degree Feedback loop.

Peer Feedback guided by rubrics designed by the instructor.

Students respond to peer feedback based on two factors: Critical and Motivational.

Instructors monitor each student’s progress through the Kritik dashboard.

RSI-Compliant Assignments with Kritik

Discussion Board

Enable students to hyper-engage with their peers in small discussion groups through peer evaluation.

Group Assignments

Stimulate substantive group and within-group interactions through collaborative learning assessments.

Live Presentations

Transform class presentations with active engagement and real-time peer feedback.

Homework Assignments

Assign  individual assignments through Kritik to encourage ‘learning by teaching’ pedagogy.

"As educators, we're always looking for innovative platforms that engage our students. I discovered Kritik last year, and it's been transformative for my teaching approach."

Prof. Shawn Beaudette , Brock University

RSI Compliance with Kritik

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