Kritik vs. Peerceptiv

When comparing Kritik to Peerceptiv, ask these questions to identify why Educators and Students choose Kritik

Can Peerceptiv accurately calibrate grades and ensure fair peer-to-peer grading?

Calibrated and fair peer-to-peer grading is the most important aspect of peer evaluations. It is integral for any platform to guarantee students who are providing genuine, accurate and authentic evaluations are rewarded and have a greater impact on their peers' grades while ensuring that those who provide generic, inauthentic or inaccurate evaluations have a lower impact minimizing biased or careless grading. While Peerceptiv does ensure validated grading based on their algorithm, it is not as progressive as Kritik's calibration, and it requires professors to set additional benchmarks themselves.

Kritik can do it better
Through Kritik's proprietary 'grading power' algorithm, the weighting of students' evaluations is constantly being calibrated throughout the term, ensuring a fair distribution of TA-level graders across the class.

Instructors can also administer one or more calibration activities anytime at their discretion should they choose to manually benchmark their students' peer evaluating skills and adjust grading power.

Does Peerceptiv facilitate Group Activities with both inter-group and intra-group evaluation options?

Team-Based Learning and Group Activities are essential for students to develop the soft skills for successful team dynamics in academic and professional settings. In group activities, it is important to evaluate other groups' assignments and have the option to assess each team member to benchmark everyone's contributions to the group. Similar to Kritik, Peerceptiv can administer both inter-group ("between-group") evaluations and intra-group ("within-group") evaluations but does not provide the on-hand support for setting up group activities or additional customization.

Kritik can do it better
Kritik provides educators with the ability to administer various individual and group activities. Educators can use preloaded rubrics, choose from templates that are easily customizable or create/upload their own. When setting up group activities, both inter and intra, educators can set up and edit groups themselves or have students automatically grouped through Kritik's system. Alternatively, you can notify the Kritik Team, who will happily create and organize your already established groups for you. We know from working with hundreds of educators that you're busy, so we want to help take one more thing off your plate!

Does Peerceptiv have a live chat and real-time support?

Peerceptiv provides email support for users and makes live support available through a pre-booking system during small windows of the day on certain weekdays. Having a live chat and real-time support on weekdays and weekends is integral for any EdTech platforms, given that students and educators have dynamic schedules. Having no customer support in crucial times can jeopardize students' grades and burden educators with more administrative work.

Kritik can do it better
Kritik offers a live chat & real-time support to assist all users at their time of need to ensure they have a seamless and meaningful learning experience using the platform. Kritik's live chat operates 7 days a week as early as 8:00 AM and as late as 8:00 PM with a response time of under 5 minutes to ensure that both students and faculty receive consistent access to support.

Can Peerceptiv provide a discussion board with an automatic point system for contribution?

Peerceptiv does not offer a discussion board outside of the peer evaluating activities. Students don't have the opportunity to interact with one another outside of the evaluation and feedback process.

Kritik can do it better
Kritik's discussion feature allows students and professors to post questions, poll the class, engage in group discussions on course topics all while students are learning remotely. In addition, Kritik's AI-driven technology can automatically score student responses to discussion topics and pinpoint students who are not engaging with the material and guide them towards solutions.

As experienced by hundreds of educators, generic and non-interactive discussion boards result in lower student engagement than expected. However, an effective discussion board allows students, instructors, and TAs to have an internal communication medium to openly share ideas and opinions that invite everyone to participate in academic, professional, or personal dialogues.

Does Peerceptiv have an inviting interface that leads to high student engagement? (UX/UI)

Having a User Interface that is easy to navigate, inviting and includes relevant information and encouragement along the way is a key factor for higher student engagement in learning tools. While Peerceptiv's platform provides all required information, it lacks the friendliness and simplicity of Kritik's UI that has been so successful with students using the platform.

Kritik can do it better
Kritik's UI was designed with both the educator and student user in mind. With minimal tabs and relevant information laid out clearly, it is easy for students to navigate through the different phases and for educators to create new and engaging activities through simple web forms and access the data they need. Additionally, Kritik can be accessed by users through various devices such as computers, tablets and mobiles. Don't just take our word for it, though; recent feedback from a student using Kritik claims, "I've never seen it before this class, and I could navigate it instantly. Already better than Facebook xD".

Can Peerceptiv effectively engage students through gamification?

Peerceptiv acts simply as a tool where students submit their assignments and participate in peer review that involves prompted questions from the educator. The platform does not contain forms of encouragement outside of simple star ranking systems and healthy competition that empower students to complete assignments and evaluations of high standards on time. Gamification is researched to meet students' new learning styles as education becomes more digital-based. Educational platforms that contain gamified strategies facilitate higher engagement, specifically in online environments, by implementing game design elements that motivate students to strive for excellence. Using this proven pedagogy, students are encouraged to participate in a healthy and enjoyable competitive environment that is interactive and educational.

Kritik can do it better
Unlike traditional peer assessment platforms, Kritik offers an opportunity for students to achieve academic success through enticing game elements. Through Kritik's proprietary 'Grading Power' mechanism, students can learn actively, and their academic progress is monitored in the form of a star rating system. They can level up their scores, upgrade their evaluator status and earn new badges for new accomplishments, thereby improving their peer-assessment skills as the term progresses.

Can Professors contribute feature suggestions and upvote the pre-existing suggestions they would like to see implemented?

How will your concerns and feedback on your experience with Peerceptiv be translated into change? Customer feedback is essential, and it's how companies grow to fit the needs of their customers. Kritik provides educators with a space to voice their requests and amplify the recommendations of others without having to navigate away from their accounts!

Kritik can do it better
Kritik is a company based on feedback and powered by innovation. Many features that exist today are because educators using Kritik requested them - and we delivered! Instead of sending a representative or waiting until a feedback survey to request something they wish Kritik had, educators can access the Feature Requests Tab in their Kritik accounts to express their ideas for new features and functionality to enhance their experience. In the Feature Request Tab, educators can also see what other requests have been made by others in the Kritik Community and upvote those requests for faster implementation. Our Kritik team works hard to make sure highly requested features are implemented fast and efficiently.

Why choose Kritik over Peerceptiv?