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Why educators are choosing Kritik over Peerceptiv

Accurate student grading through calibration

Calibrated and fair peer-to-peer grading is the most important aspect of peer evaluations. It is integral for any platform to guarantee students who are providing genuine, accurate and authentic evaluations are rewarded and have a greater impact on their peers' grades while ensuring that those who provide generic, inauthentic or inaccurate evaluations have a lower impact to minimize biased or careless grading. While Peerceptiv ensures validated grading based on its algorithm, it does not automatically calibrate each student's grading weight throughout the term, meaning that the quality of feedback students receive on their assignment are not distributed evenly for each assignment.

Kritik can do it better
Through Kritik's proprietary 'grading power' algorithm, the weighting of students' evaluations is constantly being calibrated throughout the term, ensuring a fair distribution of TA-level graders across the class. Instructors can also administer one or more calibration activities at any time at their discretion should they choose to manually benchmark their students' peer evaluating skills and adjust grading power. Kritik also supports micro-calibration to students' grading power when the instructor overrides a student's peer grade, which allows for accurate student grading throughout the term.

Gamification to incentivize meaningful student participation

Gamification is researched to meet students' new learning styles as education becomes more digital-based. Educational platforms that contain gamified strategies facilitate higher engagement, specifically in online environments, by implementing game design elements that motivate students to strive for excellence. Using this proven pedagogy, students are encouraged to participate in a healthy and enjoyable competitive environment that is interactive and educational. Peerceptiv has limited gamification features in its interface.

Kritik can do it better
Unlike traditional peer assessment platforms, Kritik offers an opportunity for students to achieve academic success through enticing game elements. Through Kritik's proprietary 'Grading Power' mechanism, students' academic progress is monitored in the form of a star rating system, showing the increase in students’ grading power as they become stronger evaluators. They can level up their scores, upgrade their evaluator status, and earn new badges for new accomplishments, thereby improving their peer-assessment skills as the term progresses.

AI-driven features

The accessibility of AI technology presents new opportunities for instructors to revamp their assignments to provide compelling learning experiences for their students, while allowing instructors to focus their time on teaching and coaching. Instructors can leverage generative AI platforms to help them with the instructional design of their assignments. While Peerceptiv offers an AI-generated text detection tool like Kritik, it lacks further integration with AI technology for instructional design.

Kritik can do it better
Kritik uses AI technology to provide instructors with the ability to generate assignments, custom rubrics, and learning objectives, making it easier than ever for instructors to design their courses. In a Kritik course, instructors can generate a list of assignments tailored to the topic of the course to edit and use as they wish. Instructors making use of this functionality are able to divert time that would otherwise go to administrative tasks towards creating more meaningful learning experiences through teaching and coaching.

User-driven feature improvements

Have great ideas? We know you do. Individuals working hands-on with a product have valid and beneficial perspectives on potential improvements.

Kritik can do it better
Our clients drive innovation and improvements to our product. Kritik is a company based on feedback and powered by innovation. Many features that exist today are because educators using Kritik requested them - and we delivered! Creating a reciprocal relationship with our clients is what we do best at Kritik. Educators can access the Feature Requests Tab in their Kritik accounts to express their ideas for new features and functionality to enhance their experience at any time. Educators can also see what other requests have been made by others in the Kritik Community and upvote those requests for faster implementation. Our Kritik team works hard to make sure highly requested features are implemented fast and efficiently. In fact, our team recently developed a live presentation feature that started as a feature request by our clients.

24/7 Live Support

Instructors want to know that they can rely on their technology provider after implementation for ongoing support. Having a live chat and real-time support on weekdays and weekends is integral for any EdTech platform, given that students and educators have dynamic schedules. Having no customer support in crucial times can jeopardize students' grades and burden educators with more administrative work. Peerceptiv provides email support for users and makes live support available through a pre-booking system during small windows of the day on certain weekdays.

Kritik can do it better
Kritik has a 24/7 Live Chat that is available to both students and instructors. We will respond to your inquiry at any time you find yourself using Kritik, with a fast response of under 2 minutes during weekday work hours to ensure that your query is resolved as efficiently as possible. Our team recognizes that clients located in various time zones have assignment deadlines at all hours of the day or may be working with Kritik at any time, and need support available at all odd hours.

Why choose Kritik over Peerceptiv?

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