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In partnership with Kritik, the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the Durham College will support faculty members who would like to use Kritik – an online platform that facilitates peer to peer assessment of student work.

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If you are new to Kritik, register for one of the sessions below to learn the benefits of peer assessment and see a live demo of Kritik, including sample activities. This session will help you determine if Kritik is the right fit for your course.

Why use Kritik?

Applying the principles of Bloom’s taxonomy in the classroom enables students to immerse themselves in the learning process at every level and reflect on what they have learnt.

As a peer evaluation tool, Kritik does the same with the three stages of assessment (Creation, Evaluation and Feedback) giving students an opportunity to learn from their peers, adapt and improve their work and gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

Kritik enables students to:

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Evaluate and provide feedback to their peers, based on a rubric provided by the instructor

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Improve critical thinking and communication skills by reflecting upon their own work and the work of others

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Receive personalized feedback more quickly

With Kritik students have opportunities to:

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Obtain feedback, learn from it, and apply those learnings to future assignments

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Become skilled at giving fair and accurate feedback, while also learning to receive feedback from others

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Interact and collaborate with their peers

Getting Started with Kritik

Steps for first-time users:


Log in to DC Connect.


Navigate to the course you want to add Kritik to.


Navigate to the module/week you’d like to add the Kritik activity.


Create an activity by selecting Add Existing Activities, followed by External Learning Tools.


Under Add Activity, select Kritik.


The Kritik link is added to the module. To launch Kritik and create your activity, press Kritik.


When you are ready to invite students, sync your roster. Upon syncing your roster, all students in your course will receive an email letting them know that this course is using Kritik and to log into Kritik via the LMS (DC Connect).


Once you have at least one Kritik activity completed, you will be able to sync grades.

First Day of Class Resources

Please see this helpful article containing information in relation to how to introduce Kritik to your students.

Important Kritik Features:

Resolving Disputes
Students are able to dispute the creation scores they receive from their peers if they don’t feel the score is accurate. They must provide a reason for the dispute. You can then respond by resolving the dispute. Click here for more information.

Grade Calibration
Ensuring accuracy of scoring is key in peer learning. Kritik offers two options to help calibrate student grading. Read more here.

Use Kritik’s Spotlight feature to showcase exemplary creations and evaluations to the rest of the class. Find out how to spotlight here.

Kritik Support

Kritik is proud to provide world-class Support 24/7, 365 days/year. You and your students can contact our Live Chat located at the bottom right corner of any page in Kritik.

You can find helpful articles with more step-by-step instructions in Kritik’s Help Centre.

Feel free to attend one of our Office Hours sessions here.

Interested to learn more?

Connect with a Kritik representative to ensure you have all the information to be successful using Kritik for peer assessment.

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