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In partnership with Kritik, Canada Soccer will be utilizing peer assessment for staff training and development

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Coach Developers Training

Canada Soccer is committed to focussing on increasing competencies for Coach Developers.

As noted in the Core Training for Coach Developers, evaluation must be:


Evidence based


Reflects ethical coaching (this includes transformational coaching)


Administratively feasible


Professionally acceptable


Publicly credible


Legally defensible


Economically affordable


Reasonably accessible

For our Coach Education Program to be effective, we need to improve and standardize the quality of our evaluations. The evaluation process experienced by all coaches across the country must be clear, fair, and consistent.

To achieve this, we will be using a top-quality online tool called Kritik.

Getting Started with Kritik

Steps for first-time users:


Check your email for an invite to your Kritik Course.


Select the purple ‘Join Course’ button in the email


Complete the sign-up process for your account


Select ‘Enroll in Course’


Complete the "Welcome to Kritik" tutorial to learn about how to use the app, and complete activities.

Extra Resources

Please see this helpful guide containing information in relation to how to use the Kritik platform.

Important Kritik Features:

Create StageThe Create Stage is where you submit your assignment (known in Kritik as your “creation”). It is the first stage of any Kritik activity. Click here for more information.

Evaluate StageThe Evaluate Stage is the second stage of a Kritik activity. It is where you are assigned a peers submission to evaluate. You will give them star ratings based on a rubric, and provide written comments on how to improve. Read more here.

Feedback Stage
The Feedback Stage is the third stage of a Kritik activity. During this stage you will review the written evaluations you received on your own creation and rate the evaluations based on how critical and how motivational it was for you. Read more here.

Kritik Support

Kritik is proud to provide world-class Support 24/7, 365 days/year. You and your students can contact our Live Chat located at the bottom right corner of any page in Kritik.

You can find helpful articles with more step-by-step instructions in Kritik’s Help Centre.

Need support?

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