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A McMaster STEM Exclusive:
How to Empower your Students to Learn Better

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Kritik's peer-to-peer assessment platform drives students engagement rates while helping to increase their critical thinking skills.
Professors Alex Gainer
"I prefer using Kritik as opposed to an LMS or other teaching technologies, as it is effective in actually developing a student's learning ability."
– Dr. Patricia Chow-Fraser
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An Exclusive Opportunity

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Kritik is working with STEM Departments across campus to facilitate 1:1 sessions with faculty members.
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Save Time Grading while Increasing Student Engagement

AI-Powered Peer-To-Peer Review

Proprietary-technology ensures student evaluations are completed accurately

Grading Made Easy

Customized Rubrics that Match your teaching style

Data-Driven Insights

Kritik notifies you of at-risk or dis-engaged students, and helps guide them in the right direction

Vibrant Online Community

Empower students to connect & learn together
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The Gap Between Online Learning & Personalized Feedback

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93% of students indicated that receiving personalized feedback is critically important for online courses
80% of students would be inclined to enroll in courses this fall if they received more personalized feedback
55% of students say Kritik has made online classes more enjoyable

What Students say about Kritik

“I think using Kritik made writing the final paper less intimidating because it allowed for checkpoints.”
“I really liked being able to interact with the people grading me and vice versa. It felt genuine, and I really felt a desire to help people improve and felt the same from them."
“I think it should be implemented campus wide.”

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