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Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy | Virginia Tech

In partnership with the CETL at Virginia Tech, Kritik will be participating in CHEP as a gold sponsor. In the months leading up to the conference, Kritik is running exclusive workshops for VT Professors on How to Keep Your Students Engaged in Online Learning.

Kritik is a peer-grading platform that distributes fair and accurate assessments by harnessing collective intelligence to simplify workflows and reduce turnaround time on feedback.
Dr. Bridget Goosby
"My students have responded very positively to Kritik. It is super helpful for students to thoughtfully engage with the readings and with their peers. I've already started recommending to others."
– Dr. Bridget Goosby, Professor of Sociology
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An Exclusive Opportunity

Kritik LogoUniversity of Alberta
As a Gold Sponsor at CHEP, Kritik is working with faculty across campus to facilitate 1:1 sessions prior to the start of the Spring term.
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Save Time Grading while Increasing Student Engagement


Proprietary-technology ensures student evaluations are completed accurately

Grading Made Easy

Customized Rubrics that Match your teaching style

Data-Driven Insights

Kritik notifies you of at-risk or dis-engaged students, and helps guide them in the right direction

Vibrant Online Community

Empower students to connect & learn together
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Student Reflections on Kritik

"This is one of the most radically impacting platforms I've been able to interact with. It is a consistent way to improve my writing skills by learning from others. I absolutely love it."
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91% have a better learning experience by evaluating their peers.
81% find that seeing their peer's submissions help in understanding the quality of their own work.
94% prefer consistent Kritik activities over a final exam.

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