Integration made seamless

Single Sign-On
Tired of memorizing multiple account log-ins for classroom technology? With just one log-in, you'll be able to access your LMS and Kritik's learning platform - no need for multiple accounts!
Grade sync
With Kritik, your grades are synchronized with your LMS gradebook! As students are evaluated, their grades are automatically ported into the LMS, no manual grade-input is necessary.
Deep linking
For each assignment you create, you have the ability to generate a unique custom URL that will link your Kritik assignment directly with your LMS. So your students will have easy access to their assignments anytime.

Help Students
Learning by Teaching
Peer Review
World-Class Support
World-Class Support
Due to limited resources and varying priorities, most education platforms do not have the bandwidth to provide consistent and readily available support to instructors and students, which heavily adds to their workload. Our response time on live chat averages under 2 minutes both for professors and students. With Kritik, Professors & students have access to our live chat function, email & phone support throughout the term. Response time is generally under 5 minutes.
Integration standards
Integration standards
Our platform is integrated with the most commonly utilized learning management systems in use today. Our integrations work with any LMS that supports IMS LTI 1.3 standards; this integration enables you and your students to connect your LMS to Kritik for streamlined access to our platform resources.