See how Professors use Kritik's data in their class

Real-time data allows for course adjustments to occur immediately, not until mid-semester.

Measure student engagement
Professor Nina Palmo is able to track student engagement and enthusiasm in her course material through Kritik, thus allowing her to make adjustments to her course immediately to benefit her students.
Measuring online learning performance
When Professors Chow-Fraser's biology class was moved online, it was hard to assess how her students were engaging with the course materials while at home. Kritik has created an opportunity for her to see how her students are learning while at home.
Cultivate an enjoyable classroom environment
Utilize Kritik's discussion feature to engage with students in real-time to share content outside of the classroom. If your students feel disengaged or demotivated, use Kritik as a communication channel to address their concerns as soon as they arise.

Technology built to help your students succeed

We built tools to help educators know in real-time how their class is responding to materials & concepts.

Become a coach
Become a coach
When peer assessment provides the primary evaluative function, the instructor’s role shifts to emphasize coaching, not grading.
Insight leads to improvement
Insight leads to improvement
Students are incentivized to provide strong feedback through their Kritik Score, which represents how strong/weak of an evaluator each student is.
Real-time data
Real-time data
See how your students are performing in real-time & make adjustments to benefit student learning before the semester is over.
Product Demo: Discover how Kritik helps you save time grading while improving student engagement and enhancing students' critical thinking skills!