Kritik Partners With Major Canadian Universities to Implement Peer Assessment

Team of students stack their hands on top of each other in symbol of teamwork

Toronto, Nov 16, 2022 — Kritik Education Inc. (Kritik) has announced partnerships with five Canadian post-secondary institutions to use its AI-driven peer learning platform over the next 1 year. 

York University, Seneca College, Brandon University, Alberta School of Business (University of Alberta), and Haskayne School of Business (University of Calgary) have adopted Kritik so that students can give meaningful and actionable feedback on their peers’ work to enhance their critical thinking and soft skills.

"We are pleased to offer Kritik to Brandon University students after a successful pilot project by some faculty. Using Kritik can help BU students learn to provide quality feedback to their peers, reducing the turnaround time for feedback and supporting learning in discipline-specific criteria." said Curt Shoultz, Director of BU’s Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology

At York University, more than a dozen instructors use the platform at the individual course level, resulting in a school-wide adoption within a few months. Built on evidence provided by faculty members, deans, and provosts, Kritik benefits all stakeholders by delivering higher ROI for students, boosting student engagement, improving retention rates, building an inclusive learning ecosystem, preparing students for the workforce, and supporting diverse pedagogies.

“At Educause (2021 and 2022), the concept of Competency-Based Education (CBE) and its application of getting personalized feedback in a student-centred learning environment demonstrated how all students can become successful in the workforce.” said Carine Marette, Co-CEO of Kritik.

Kritik integrates with learning management systems like Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, and Moodle to provide students with an enhanced peer learning experience. Students can give feedback on their peers’ work anonymously based on rubrics provided by the instructor. Once students receive the evaluations from their peers, they can respond with how critical and motivational the feedback given was. This 360-degree peer feedback process enables students to fill any learning gaps that may exist through multiple touch points.

“Since student engagement remains the top challenge in online and in-person classes, peer assessments like Kritik help with class participation, inclusivity, and building leadership skills.” said Mohsen Shahini, Co-CEO of Kritik.

A recent study published by the American Psychological Association found that when participants received feedback from their peers, it resulted in a huge improvement in their performance. Built on this principle, Kritik has seen adoption by  500+ instructors across disciplines, class sizes, and teaching pedagogies since its inception in 2019.

Early adopters of the platform saw tremendous success with improved student engagement, reduced grading burden, and were able to cater to diverse learners.

"Kritik offers our students a higher degree of engagement in their own learning by reflecting on their work and that of their peers. Learning how to provide feedback is an important skill to practice, particularly for future business professionals who will often lead teams and manage diverse organizations. We are excited to partner with Kritik in providing our students with this type of learning." said Leo Wong, Associate Dean, Education, Alberta School of Business

About Kritik:

Kritik is an AI-driven peer grading tool that distributes fair and accurate assessments by harnessing collective intelligence to simplify workflows and reduce turnaround time on feedback. Kritik is currently being used by 150+ higher education institutions across North America, with over 1.8 million peer evaluations administered and growing daily.