How to Keep Your Students Engaged in Online Learning

Special Guests
Alex Gainer
University of Alberta
Dr. Erin Panda
Brock University
Dr. Peter Teertstra
University of Waterloo

Using peer assessment to develop your students’ critical thinking skills while learning online.

32% of students have said they are unwilling to enroll in courses this fall because of their dislike of online learning. How are you preparing for a fall semester with online teaching? In this webinar, we partnered with  OpenStax, Rice University to learn how peer assessment is used by leading educators around the world to increase the engagement rates of their students in their online classrooms while improving their critical thinking skills. Learn the science behind peer assessment and see how you can implement peer assessment in your classroom today.

Specific Topics include:

- Data and insights surrounding what students want in the Fall Term

- Refresher on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy & Higher

-Order Thinking

- The Science Behind Peer Assessment

- 6 tips / examples to keep students engaged in online learning

- How you can use, remix, and adapt open content to fit your needs

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