Reduce Grading Time and Enhance Learning

It seems like an oxymoron. Doesn’t grading time directly improve student learning? Well yes, and it depends.

Here’s a comment posted by a university professor on a higher education social media page: “A mix of exhaustion and exasperation: I have graded English 101 essays forever this semester...once a week with about 80 students total. Any ideas on how to grade more effectively without burnout.”

The sentiment shared in this comment is one many professors relate to. When grading feels unsustainable or ineffective, it likely is. To solve these issues, we need to consider grading and assessment differently.

What are the issues and more importantly, the solutions?

How can we involve students in the process, so they receive the benefits of the engagement and critical thinking involved in evaluating work and the instructor has time and space to mentor and coach students?

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