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Teaching a new course this fall? Looking to add new course materials but unsure what to use?

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Use Peer Review to help create better courses

If you're unsure about what course materials are best for your students, let your students help you out. Create activities that allow them to engage with the course subject in a deeper more meaningful way while building their critical thinking skills.

Here is an example of how to use Kritik when deciding which case studies are best for students:

Assign students cases to evaluate

Provide your students with a reading list & ask them to evaluate each case.

Students evaluate their peers' recommendation

Students provide critical feedback on their peers' work.

Select the cases that students say are the most beneficial

Based upon your students' scores, you'll see the materials your students prefer the most.
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Create question

Set Objectives

Provide students with an overview of what their expectations are when completing the assignment
Score Students

Monitor Students Scores

As each student completes their activity, Kritik aggregates the evaluations they provide on their peers' work, with the evaluations their peers' provided on their work.

Kritik is Trusted by Leading Educators to Help Save Time

Alex Gainer

Professor Alex Gainer

Associate Professor, University of Alberta
"I was quite surprised at how vigilant my students were in evaluating each other, and how serious they are towards Kritik. Students seem to enjoy the personalized feedback that they receive, and they are getting better and better at using Kritik as the term progresses. In the first two weeks, I would spot check their grades to ensure they were evaluating each other accurately, but as they improved, I did not need to check on them."
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