The Human Element in Remote Learning

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As colleges and universities pivot quickly towards online learning, buzzwords like "social distancing" and "self-isolation" have emerged as part of a new language of loneliness.

The new reality of higher education has also brought a new set of challenges to educators and students: How do you facilitate a social-academic community when you can’t see anyone face-to-face?

During this session, we will cover a variety of topics to help educators uncover the human element of remote learning.

Topics include:‍

  • Practical ideas to create an intimate, engaging, enjoyable learning environment
  • Discussion and Q+A with Dr. Alissa Pencer (Senior Instructor and Registered Psychologist)
  • Discussion with Dr. Mohsen Shahini (co-Founder of Kritik and Top Hat)
  • Tips on maintaining relationships from a distance: both peer-to-peer and student-professor
  • Students' needs from a students' perspective

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