Excel, Gradebook & Data Manipulation for Professors

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COVID-19 has affected the way in which professors are providing grades and assessments to students. During this session, we will review common data and text manipulation essential for managing student lists and grading in Excel.

If you are using any new tools or methods to assist you with transitioning to online classrooms, it is essential to understand the basics of excel, gradebook and data manipulation.

During this session, we will cover a variety of topics to help educators manipulate data for managing students.

Topics include:‍

  • General overview of basic excel functions and formulas
  • Separating students First Name and Last name in two columns
  • Creating student emails if only given their username
  • If using an external tool, determine who in your student roster has no yet registered (using VLOOKUP function in excel)
  • Understanding how to drop a student’s lowest quiz/homework mark in excel
  • Q&A session for specific use cases with our expert data analysts

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