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Give your students the personalized feedback they need to succeed.

Do you find it difficult to give your students quality & consistent feedback during a quarterly term?

Kritik's peer-to-peer assessment platform allows students to receive consistent, quality feedback on their work while reducing the amount of time you spend on grading.

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Quarterly terms pose unique challenges to students.
Kritik can help

Lack of personalized feedback

With a reduced term, educators spend less time providing students feedback on their submitted assignments.

With peer assessment, Kritik provides students with the consistent & quality feedback they need to excel.

Reduced amount of assignments

Students are unable to showcase their learnings as educators reduce the amount of assignments typically offered in a term in-order to fit time schedules.

With Kritik, educators are alleviated from the stressors of grading, allowing for more customized and unique forms of assessment.

Diminished student engagement

With less opportunity to interact with other students & their educators, students become disengaged with course material.

But with Kritik, students are actively participating in their learning, thereby increasing their level of engagement.
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Save Time Grading while Increasing Student Engagement

AI-Powered Peer-To-Peer Review

Proprietary-technology ensures student evaluations are completed accurately

Grading Made Easy

Customized Rubrics that Match your teaching style

Data-Driven Insights

Kritik notifies you of at-risk or dis-engaged students, and helps guide them in the right direction

Vibrant Online Community

Empower students to connect & learn together
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A platform built for English students

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Improve writing skills
Allow students to actively develop their writing technique by receiving feedback on their work throughout the term.
Develop critical thinking skills
Expose students to new viewpoints & opinions thereby enabling them to broaden their understanding of course concepts.
Enhances online learning
Students say that Kritik has improved the quality of online learning by 55%! Students are more engaged & connected with other students in their course.

What Students say about Kritik

“I think using Kritik made writing the final paper less intimidating because it allowed for checkpoints.”
“I really liked being able to interact with the people grading me and vice versa. It felt genuine, and I really felt a desire to help people improve and felt the same from them."
“I think it should be implemented campus wide.”

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