Enhancing Student Learning for Community Colleges

Kritik's online peer-to-peer assessment platform is now free for all Community College students.

Use Kritik to enhance your students' critical thinking skills while improving their engagement with class materials as they learn either online or through in-person classes.

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More personalized feedback for students,
Less time grading for you

AI-Powered Peer-To-Peer Review

Proprietary-technology ensures student evaluations are completed accurately

Grading Made Easy

Customized Rubrics that Match your teaching style

Data-Driven Insights

Kritik notifies you of at-risk or dis-engaged students, and helps guide them in the right direction

Vibrant Online Community

Empower students to connect & learn together

Trusted By Leading Institutions

Helping Community College students succeed

Kritik helps address the biggest impediments preventing Community College students from achieving success.

Affordable Technology

Kritik is now free for all Community College students, making access to quality online learning available to all students.

Increased Support for Students

One of the biggest blockades for student success is a lack of personalized feedback on their work; Kritik provides students the feedback they need to excel in the classroom.

Developing Soft Skills

Kritik allows students to develop the soft skills they need to succeed outside of the classroom: The ability to work collaboratively, analyze different viewpoints objectively, think critically about problems & solutions.

Improved Assignment Structure

Many students are not prepared for the rigours of higher-ed; Kritik allows instructors to put forth new assignment-types that are better aligned with their students' capabilities. Large papers can be broken down into mini-assignments; peer-evaluated presentations; or curated class discussions.
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Customized Activities
Customized Activities
"I love the different types of activities we do on Kritik; the diversity of assignments allows me to apply class concepts differently, thereby expanding my understanding of the concept itself.
Meaningful Feedback
Meaningful Feedback
"Kritik's Feedback on Feedback has definitely made me a better evaluator. I love how I get exposed to new ideas or opinions from other students that I otherwise would not have thought about."
Data-Driven Insights
Ease of Use
"Kritik was extremely easy and enjoyable to use. It definetly made my online class much more enjoyable."
“What I like about Kritik is that students can reflect on their own work by assessing other people’s work. I think that is incredibly powerful."
Nada Basir
Teaching at the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business, University of Waterloo
“I like how Kritik is structured really well to steer my students into the right behavior."
Alexander Gainer
Teaching Quantitative Methods in Economics at the University of Alberta

Kritik is free for
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