Kritik vs. CATME

When comparing Kritik to CATME, ask these questions to identify why Educators and Students choose Kritik

Can CATME allow instructors to assign peer evaluation for individual assignments?

Unlike Kritik, CATME does not provide the option for educators to administer peer evaluations for individual assignments. CATME is an evaluation platform that focuses primarily on team-based learning and only enables students to peer evaluate their teammate’s contributions to the group's work and helps instructors monitor teammate behavior. The process of evaluating individual peers' creations on the same assignment is beneficial for students to be able to identify gaps in their own learning, be exposed to different viewpoints on the same subject matter, and strengthen their understanding of course content by participating in learning by teaching.

Kritik can do it better
Kritik provides instructors with more flexibility to incorporate the benefits of peer assessment into all types of learning activities. In addition to Group activities, where students can participate in both inter and intragroup evaluations, instructors can also administer individual activities to their students. During individual activities, all students will complete the same assignment given by the instructor individually and then they will be distributed anonymous assignments by their peers to evaluate. Students, having just completed the assignment themselves, will be able to apply their own knowledge and critical thinking to their evaluations of their peers and continue to develop a deeper understanding of that specific topic.

Does CATME have a live chat and real-time support?

CATME provides a library of prerecorded tutorials for both students and instructors but only provides email support for users and does not have a live chat where students and educators can ask questions and get answers right away. Having a live chat and real-time support on weekdays and weekends is integral for any EdTech platform given that students and educators have dynamic schedules. Having no customer support in crucial times can result in jeopardizing student’s grades and burdening educators with more administrative work.

Kritik can do it better
Unlike CATME, in addition to online tutorials, Kritik offers a live chat & real-time support to assist all users at their time of need to ensure they have a seamless and meaningful learning experience using the platform. Kritik’s live chat operates 7 days a week as early as 8:00 AM and as late as 8:00 PM with a response time of under 5 minutes to ensure that both students and faculty receive consistent access to support.

Does CATME allow students to provide feedback on feedback?

Unlike CATME where students only read their peers’ evaluation surveys and comments on their behavior as a teammate, Kritik’s Feedback-on-Feedback (FoF) stage provides students with structure and guidance on how to receive and provide peer evaluations which is an essential life lesson. It encourages students to investigate how critical and motivational the evaluations are while validating the correctness of their peers’ comments.

Kritik can do it better
Most peer assessment techniques and platforms adopted by instructors involve only two steps: Submission and Peer Evaluation. To further improve students’ knowledge retention and increase the quality of student's written evaluations over time, Kritik adds a third step; students are required to read the evaluations they have received and rate the quality of the written feedback.

Can CATME accurately calibrate grades and ensure fair peer-to-peer grading?

Calibrated and fair peer-to-peer grading is the most important aspect of peer evaluations. It is integral for any platform to guarantee students who are providing genuine, accurate, and authentic evaluations are rewarded and have a greater impact on their peers’ grades while ensuring those who provide generic, inauthentic, or inaccurate evaluations have a lower impact in order to minimize biased or careless grading. CATME does offer the option to have students complete “Rater Practice” before any activity where they can rate hypothetical team members to calibrate their ratings. But unlike Kritik, this rating score does not follow students into new activities for them to build upon and see their progress as an evaluator during the course of the term.

Kritik can do it better
Through Kritik’s proprietary ‘grading power’ algorithm, the weighting of students’ evaluations is constantly being calibrated throughout the term which ensures a fair distribution of TA-level graders across the class.

Instructors can also administer calibration activities anytime at their discretion should they choose to manually benchmark their students’ peer evaluating skills and adjust grading power.

Can CATME allow professors to transfer over old activities to new courses?

Previously administered CATME peer evaluation surveys can’t be reused in future terms, therefore, instructors will have to set up and create new ones for their course each semester.

Kritik can do it better
At Kritik, we know that instructors have full calendars, deadlines, and priorities outside of teaching. That’s why we make it even easier to set up Kritik activities in your course term after term. Once you have created activities in your course once, you can simply copy over all or selected activities for that course for the next term you teach it. Copying activities will duplicate all of the instructions, rubrics, and settings created for that activity previously which instructors can later edit if required. This saves valuable time and gives instructors the flexibility to continue to use activities that were successful and make changes to those that were not.

Can CATME provide a discussion board with an automatic point system for contribution?

CATME does not offer a discussion board outside of the teammate peer evaluating activities and students don’t have the opportunity to interact with one another outside of the survey and student comment features.

Kritik can do it better
Kritik’s discussion feature allows students and professors to post questions, poll the class, engage in group discussions on course topics all while students are learning remotely. Kritik’s AI-driven technology can automatically score student responses to discussion topics and pinpoint students who are not engaging with the material and guide them towards solutions.

As experienced by hundreds of educators, generic and non-interactive discussion boards result in lower student engagement than expected. However, an effective discussion board allows students, instructors, and TAs to have an internal communication medium to openly share ideas and opinions in a manner that invites everyone to participate in academic, professional, or personal dialogues. Kritik’s discussion feature joins its peer assessment tool as mechanisms specifically designed to build vibrant community classrooms in online settings, encourage inquiry-based learning, and further increase students’ engagement levels.

Does CATME allow Instructors to provide feedback on what features they want to see in the platform?

How will your concerns and feedback on your experience with CATME be translated into change? Customer feedback is important, and it's how companies grow to fit the needs of their customers. Kritik provides instructors a space to voice their requests and amplify the requests of others without having to navigate away from their accounts!

Kritik can do it better
Kritik is a company based on feedback and powered by innovation. Many features that exist today are because educators using Kritik requested them - and we delivered! Instead of having to email a representative or wait till a feedback survey to request something they wish Kritik had, educators can access the Feature Requests Tab in their Kritik accounts to express their ideas for new features and functionality to enhance their experience. In the Feature Request Tab, educators can also see what other requests have been made by others in the Kritik Community, and upvote those requests for faster implementation. Our Kritik team works hard to make sure highly requested features are implemented fast and efficiently.

Why choose Kritik over CATME?